Youssef Gardam

At the origins of a passion

Youssef Gardam, a Franco-Moroccan aged 22 at the time, decided, following medical studies, to devote himself fully to a passion rooted in his genes: olive oil.

In the Gardam family, olive oil has been a tradition for several generations, an everyday dish, a delicacy steeped in its history.

The first stone

Construction of the mill

Youssef Gardam began building the mill on his grandparents' ancestral lands.

Wishing to develop a particular architecture, blending into the desert landscape and dotted with olive trees, a white building will be born.

And stone by stone, wall by wall, piece by piece, the construction of a 2000 square meter building came into being.

The Terroirs of Volubilis

The birth of an exceptional vintage

Once the production unit is operational, Youssef Gardam works for days, months, to design the purest possible olive oil, which will denote Moroccan olive oil as consumers know it. at the time.

Les Terroirs des Volubilis was born, an olive oil in homage to his grandfather, represented on the latter's label, under his favorite olive tree.

Oliviers & Co

International recognition

The Oliviers & Co brand selected our olive oil among the 21 best in the world, a consecration.

This referencing helped to improve the image of Moroccan oil throughout the world, distributed in particular in Tokyo, New York and Paris...

Our olive oil at Oliviers & Co

Gardam Exceptional oil works

The Renaissance

Overflowing creativity, an artistic fiber ingrained in us, a desire for modernity and lightness led us to create what will take our oil towards the high end, a sector corresponding more to the remarkable properties of this elixir.

A break while keeping our values ​​in order to be in symbiosis with our times: Les Terroirs de Volubilis mutated into GARDAM Huilerie d'exception.

Gardam Studio

Opening of our first store

After months of design, choice of materials and color palettes, we are opening our first store within our mill in Safi.

Indeed, this boutique offering our timeless and exclusive creations is an invitation into our atmosphere and our history.

A new essential range


In a perpetual creative and contemporary movement, and wishing to offer an authentic product to our customers, we have created this new signature.

A solar olive oil, scented with our ancestral and heritage lands. An essential, everyday olive oil to enjoy with family or friends over a glass of traditional mint tea.

Gardam creates Marius Oil Maker

Marius Oil Maker

Passionate about olive oil for 20 years now, Youssef Gardam decided to create Marius Oil Maker with the aim of reinventing our way of consuming olive oil, both in terms of the product itself and its quality through its traceability as well as the impact of our small gestures in favor of the environment by selecting exceptional olive oils each year according to precise and demanding specifications to offer you the best.

Opening of our concept store in Reims

Gardam X Marius Oil Maker

On October 13, 2023, Gardam opens its new concept store at 44 rue Boulard in Reims with the aim of introducing Champagne residents to the best Grand Cru olive oil in the world with the first concept store where you can taste olive oils from different regions such as Greece, Italy, France, the Kingdom of Morocco or Portugal... An exceptional journey through the regions of the world.


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